2022 Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid Represents Tradition in Transition

The trickle of electrons at Bentley is soon to become a flood, as the automaker prepares to fully electrify its entire lineup by the end of the decade. While this is a goal shared industry-wide, it’s a rather monumental shift for Bentley, whose reputation has been defined in large part by its massive—and thirsty—engines. Hence the existence of the Flying Spur Hybrid, a 5600-pound steppingstone placed between the shores of those gargantuan powertrains and the horizon of total electrification.

As befits this interim role, visual changes are kept to a minimum, with only fender-mounted “Hybrid” badges and a J1772 charging port concealed behind a door on the left rear flank. Distinct quad oval tailpipes complete the exterior transformation. Inside, the infotainment and driver screens now feature EV-specific readouts. We were particularly intrigued by the EV Range overlay function on the navigation map—a translucent green zone hovers over the vehicle’s position, outlining the boundaries of electric driving range. As the battery level drops, the zone shrinks accordingly. On the center console, an EV button cycles through the three electric drive modes: all-electric EV Drive, Hybrid, and Hold, which maintains battery charge to be deployed later.

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