2023 Honda CR-V Unofficially Rendered From Alleged Patent Images

The next-generation Honda CR-V was first spotted almost exactly a year ago. But just last week, alleged patent images of the Japanese crossover have surfaced on the web, giving us a preview of what it might look like.

Our friends from Kolesa tried to imagine what those patent images would look like as an actual car, leading us to these unofficial renderings of the 2023 Honda CR-V.

If these renderings were to resemble the real thing, the next Honda CR-V looks more elegant yet timid than the current version, although that huge honeycomb grille looks aggressive.Next-Gen Honda CR-V Rendering by KolesaNext-Gen Honda CR-V Rendering by Kolesa

This styling direction is in line with Honda’s aim that was revealed in 2020 – to become more macho in terms of design and stance, especially the SUVs.

At the rear, Kolesa imagines a clean look, though the vertical L-shaped taillights remain as a nod to the CR-V’s signature design.

For what it’s worth, Kolesa’s rendering looks a bit far from the proportions of the patent drawings and the prototypes we spotted before. Both seem to have a longer hood than what we see here.

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