2024 Polestar 5 Will Be the EV Maker’s Flagship on an Aluminum Platform

Last fall, Swedish electric-car maker Polestar revealed that the stunning Precept concept, first unveiled in early 2020, would reach production in 2024 and carry the name Polestar 5. Now Polestar has announced that the 5, which will serve as the brand’s flagship model, will ride on a brand-new bespoke platform.

This platform will be made from bonded aluminum, which should make it lightweight and, Polestar says, provide “torsional rigidity superior to that of a traditional two-seat sports- or supercar.” Polestar says that building bonded aluminum chassis has proven labor-intensive and difficult for mass production in the past, but the company says it has created a new manufacturing process that is faster and “develops both body and platform in unison.”

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