A Comparison Between KIA Stonic & Toyota Corolla

KIA Stonic Vs Toyota Corolla

Continuing our series, we will compare KIA Stonic with Toyota Corolla X Grande with Beige Interior. Again, the purpose of this comparison is the similar price range for these two vehicles. Although, one is a B-Segment Subcompact Crossover SUV while the other is a C-Segment Compact Sedan.

And here is Stonic against Corolla X Grande  for you.


The dimensions of KIA Stonic are 4140mm Length, 1760mm Width, 1520mm Height and 2580mm Wheelbase. In comparison, Corolla is 4620mm Long, 1775mm Wide, 1475mm High and 2700mm Wheelbase. It means the latter is Longer and Wider but less high than its competitor.

The Ground Clearance in Stonic is 183mm compared to 175mm in Grande.

Engine and Transmission 

KIA Stonic will come with a 1.4 MPI engine that generates 100hp and 133Nm of Torque. Meanwhile, Grande has a 1.8 SFI engine, producing 138hp and 173Nm Torque, making the sedan superior in this segment.

Furthermore, Stonic has a 6-Speed Automatic Transmission, while Toyota’s car comes with a 7-Speed Sport CVT Sequential Shiftmatic Transmission. Lastly, both vehicles have Front Wheel Drive (FWD) Drivetrain.


Stonic will come with LED Headlights, 4-Strip LED DRLs and Halogen Foglamps. Meanwhile, Corolla has LED Projection Headlights and LED DRLs and Foglamps. The size of Alloy Wheels in both cars is 16-inch. However, the tyre size in Stonic is 195/55/R16 compared to 205/55/R16 in Corolla.


The size of MID LCD Display in both cars is 4.2-inch; however, the Infotainment Touchscreen is 8-inch in Stonic against 9-inch in Corolla. Also, both vehicles come with 6-Way Manual Adjustment Driver Seats, Keyless Entry, Auto Air Conditioning and Cruise Control.

In short, both cars are pretty similar concerning interior options and features.


There are a number of common safety features in both cars, including Dual Airbags, Traction Control, Hill Assist, Stability Control, ABS + EBD, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), and Rear Camera. The only additional feature in Stonic is Rear Parking Sensors, that are not offered in Corolla.


It is expected that KIA Stonic will be launched in a price range of Rs35-40 lacs, while the current rate of Toyota Corolla is Rs 3,869,000. So, it will be an exciting competition between these two cars.

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