Acura Doesn’t Rule Out Integra Two- And Four-Door Versions

In a confusing sea of three-letter model designations for sedans and SUVs, an actual name will soon return to the halls of Acura. It’s not just any name either – the Integra moniker endured for nearly 20 years and helped launch the luxury brand alongside the much-loved Legend in the 1980s. Throughout its life the Integra was offered in a range of body styles, but Acura is being cagey on whether the new version will be as versatile. We do know it will not be an SUV or a crossover. An official teaser image from Acura portrays a sharp, relatively shallow front face not unlike the current TLX. Furthermore, Acura gave us an overall outline of the Integra’s body with a cool airborne drone show during the NSX Type S reveal. The Integra looks low and long, and our initial impression is one of a swoopy two-door fastback. However, when we pressed Acura for more info, a spokesperson wouldn’t confirm or deny the new Integra having two doors, four doors, or a choice of body styles. In short, everything is on the table.

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