All the Crossovers & SUVs Launched in 2021

SUVs launched in 2021

If we had to define the year 2021 of the Pakistani auto industry in three words, it’d be SUVs, SUVs, and more SUVs. This year, SUV was the most happening segment of the local market. In the second episode of “Things That Happened in 2021”, we’ll talk about all the crossovers and SUVs launched in Pakistan.

1. MG ZS

MG Motors marked the year 2021 with the soft launch of their second SUV, MG ZS. The company revealed the official price of MG ZS and started bookings in January. ZS was a cheaper version of the MG HS for everyone who liked the HS but couldn’t afford it.


When MG introduced the ZS, the company said they would also bring the electric version of the SUV and so they did. The company revealed the price of MG ZS EV in June.

The interesting bit about MG ZS is that it’s the cheapest SUV of Pakistan, and MG ZS EV is the cheapest electric SUV of Pakistan. Here are the prices of petrol and electric models of MG ZS at the time of their launch vs now.

VariantLaunch PriceCurrent Price
MG ZSRs. 4,100,000Rs. 4,100,000
MG ZS EVRs. 6,850,000Rs. 6,250,000


After bringing the electric version of MG ZS, the company went on to add another EV to its SUV lineup. This time, they brought a plug-in hybrid variant of an already successful product in the market, presenting the MG HS PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle). Like all other MG cars, MG HS PHEV is also a CBU (Completely Built-Up) model. 


Launched in September, the MG HS PHEV is still new in the market. It’s price is the same as it was at the time of launch. 

VariantLaunch PriceCurrent Price
MG HS PHEVRs. 7,890,000Rs. 7,890,000

3. Haval Jolion

A new entrant that debuted in the local market this year was Haval, a sub-brand of Great Wall Motors (GWM) of China. The company partnered with Pakistan’s auto-rickshaw manufacturer Sazgar Engineering Works Limited (SEWL) and brought two SUVs in March. One of them was an entry-level small SUV, the Haval Jolion.

Haval Jolion

Haval imported a limited number of CBU units of both its SUVs and those units were all booked within a week. Later, the company reopened the bookings in June with a short window of only three days. As of now, the bookings are still closed as Haval is still working on the delivery of already booked units of Jolion.

Here is the launch and current price of Haval Jolion.  

VariantLaunch PriceCurrent Price
Haval JolionRs. 5,525,000Rs. 6,020,000

4. Haval H6

Haval H6 is the other Haval SUV that Sazgar Engineering brought to Pakistan. This one is also a CBU import, but more premium and expensive than Jolion. Just like Jolion, Haval is currently busy importing and delivering the booked units of H6.

Haval H6

The company is also planning to launch a hybrid variant of H6. The first unit of Haval H6 HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) is already here in Pakistan going through trial and testing.

Here is the launch and current price of Haval H6.

VariantLaunch PriceCurrent Price
Haval H6Rs. 6,295,000Rs. 6,849,000

5. KIA Sorento

After winning the hearts of Pakistani buyers with Sportage, KIA launched a 7-seater SUV, the KIA Sorento, in February. The company launched three variants of Sorento at market competitive prices to go against Toyota Fortuner.  

KIA Sorento

Like all other vehicles, KIA is locally assembling the Sorento. Since the car is for the upper-class SUV buyers, there are only a handful of Sorento units on the roads.

Here are the prices of three Sorento variants at the time of launch vs now.

VariantLaunch PriceCurrent Price
Sorento 2.4L FWDRs. 6,999,000Rs. 6,836,000
Sorento 2.4L AWDRs. 7,999,000Rs. 7,812,000
Sorento 3.5L FWDRs. 8,399,000Rs. 8,203,000

6. KIA Stonic

In November, KIA Lucky Motors added a third crossover to its SUV lineup. A 140cc B-segment crossover utility vehicle (CUV) KIA Stonic. It’s KIA’s smallest crossover that sits two steps under Sportage. 

KIA Stonic

The biggest surprise about KIA Stonic was its price. KIA launched this CUV at the price of Pakistan’s C-segment sedans Corolla, Civic, and Elantra. Buyers liked Stonic so much that the first batch of 500 units was booked within a day. KIA is still working on the delivery of those 500 booked units. 

It’s only been a month since the launch of KIA Stonic, so the prices of its variants haven’t changed.

VariantLaunch PriceCurrent Price
Stonic EXRs. 3,660,000Rs. 3,660,000
Stonic EX+Rs. 3,880,000Rs. 3,880,000

7. Toyota Corolla Cross

Globally, Toyota is working on hybrid technology of cars. Keeping the company’s vision in mind, Toyota Indus introduced a hybrid car in Pakistan, the Toyota Corolla Cross. 

Corolla Cross

Since July, the company has been selling Completely Built Units (CBU) units of this SUV, imported from Thailand, where it was the best-selling car for three consecutive months. But the premium hybrid SUV hasn’t got much success in the local market.

Toyota hasn’t touched the prices of three variants of Corolla Cross. The company is trying to sell the CBU lot at the old rates. 

VariantLaunch PriceCurrent Price
Corolla Cross Low GradeRs. 7,689,000Rs. 7,689,000
Corolla Cross Smart Mid GradeRs. 8,199,000Rs. 8,199,000
Corolla Cross Premium High GradeRs. 8,399,000Rs. 8,399,000

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