All You Need to Know About 2022 Proton Saga Facelift

Proton has finally launched the 2022 Saga facelift. Referred to as the people’s car in Malaysia, Saga has been a top seller there for a long time.

Since it is a mid-cycle facelift, Proton hasn’t changed its best-seller radically. The 2022 Saga — better known as MC2 Saga — has a few minor updates that make it slightly better than its predecessor.

Here are all the changes that have been made to MC2 Saga:


To the untrained eye, MC2 Saga looks exactly the same. However, keen-eyed people will notice a few subtle changes such as the new round emblem, a refreshed alloy rim design (14″ in low-end variants, 15″ in high-end variants), side skirts with front bumper extension (Premium S variant only), and a red stripe beneath the front grille (Premium S variant only). The trunk lid has a new black trim price with Proton written on it.

The interior is generally the same as before, apart from a few changes including new climate control knobs, a slightly refreshed gauge cluster, an updated infotainment system, and red accents around the A.C. vents in the Premium S variant, while other variants have silver accents.

Other than these elements, MC2 Saga looks the same as its predecessor.

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