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AMG Electric Roadster Under Consideration, Touted As Emotional Product

Are you ready for an electric Mercedes-AMG Roadster? In an interview with Top Gear, chief operating officer Markus Schäfer explained that an electrified roadster is an emotional product that is important for brand building. When discussing electric vehicles, it’s easy to focus on important things like range, but what about the emotional connection that makes us love our car? For Mercedes-AMG even in the face of electrification customer engagement through exciting products is a must.

In his Top Gear interview, it’s clear that an electric Mercedes-AMG roadster isn’t set to break any sales records. In fact, Schäfer told Top Gear, “And we have to recognize that the demand for roadsters and cabriolets is declining. China is not a cabriolet market and there are fewer buyers in Europe compared to some years ago. But I think it’s a very attractive product and an emotional product that builds the brand.”

This is the exact concept the leads mainstream automakers to build halo cars in the form of supercars that only a few customers can buy. Much like the Miata gives the Mazda lineup soul, this electric roadster could give Mercedes-AMG’s future lineup something to get excited about and remember that driving can pull at your emotions. Even though roadsters don’t sell well, those who don’t purchase one almost always want one.

When it comes to EVs we seem to focus on the numbers instead of the experience. The decision of Mercedes-AMG to introduce a more emotional EV is exciting as it shows us a future where we can still engage with a car regardless of the propulsion method. Sure an EV powertrain won’t sound like Mercedes-AMG’s sonorous V8s, but surely that can develop something to add to the drama.

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