And Now….Honda Car Prices Increased!

Honda car prices

After Pak Suzuki and Toyota Pakistan, Honda car prices have also been increased. The companies are hiking the rates due to recently imposed Federal Excise Duty (FED) on cars under new mini-budget. According to a notification, the new prices will be implemented from January 21st, 2022

Honda City Prices

And here the new prices of Honda City:

  • The prices of Honda City 1.2L Manual and 1.2L CVT have remained unchanged at Rs. 2,729,000 and Rs. 2,949,000, respectively.
  • The new price of Honda City 1.5L CVT is Rs. 3,146,000 compared to previous rate of Rs. 3,069,000, meaning it saw an increase of Rs. 77,000.
  • Honda City 1.5L Aspire Manual saw an increase of Rs. 80,000 and now it will cost Rs. 3,279,000 against Rs. 3,199,000.
  • Honda City 1.5L Aspire CVT observed an increase of Rs. 85,000 and its new price is Rs. 3,354,000 compared to old price of Rs. 3,369,000.

Honda Civic Prices

As per the company, here are the prices of Honda Civic.

  • Honda Civic 1.8L VTI CVT has seen a jump of Rs. 100,000 taking the price to Rs, 4,079,000 against previous rate of Rs. 3,979,000.
  • Honda Civic VTI CVT SR will not cost Rs. 4,366,000 compared to old rate of Rs. 4,259,000, meaning its price has been increased by Rs. 107,000.
  • Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo RS observed an increase of Rs. 126,000, taking the rate to Rs. 5,175,000 against previous price of Rs. 5,049,000.

Honda BR-V

The revised prices of this car is:

  • Honda BR-V CVT S will now cost Rs. 3,689,000 against last price of Rs. 3,599,000, meaning its price has been increased by Rs. 90,000.
Honda car prices

And these are new Honda car prices. The prices of cars have seen regular fluctuation in last couple of years due to different reasons including high dollar rate, new taxes and new duties. This will surely impact the buying power of common consumer, which is not good for the local car market.

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