Apple Car Launch in Trouble Following Team Split

Apple Inc. had been making headlines regarding its impending electric vehicle (EV) launch. However, those plans may have come to a screeching halt after the team has been reportedly disbanded.

Late last year, Mark Gurman, a tech-journalist at Bloomberg, reported that Apple had fast-tracked its efforts on EV development. He added that the company aims to integrate full-autonomous driving capabilities in the EV and to begin its commercial production in 2025.

Reports suggest that there have been several changes in the leadership role for the project. In September 2021, Kevin Lynch took over the project head position, replacing John Giannandrea. Although the company is yet to comment on the matter, speculations suggest that the change in leadership resulted in the dissolution of the team.

Furthermore, the tech giant is considering two firms, namely, Foxconn and Luxshare, as partners in the EV project. Apple seeks to use the expertise of these two firms since they are already in the EV development arena.

Rumors and conspiracies have plagued Apple’s EV development plans for years. Analysts say that the vehicle will not be debuting any time soon. However, given that the company’s own deadline for EV launch is 2025, it is likely to assemble another EV development team soon.

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