Atlas Honda Records HIGHEST EVER Bike Sales in October

Atlas Honda Bikes Sales

Bikes are Honda’s strongest suit in Pakistan. The company sells 100,000+ motorcycles every month. But, this time, Atlas Honda has made historic motorcycle sales. As per the PAMA report, the company sold 125,031 bikes in October

Honda’s previous highest bike sales record was 124,000 units in March 2021. The company is ramping up production even further to meet the increasing demand for motorcycles. So, we are expecting Honda bike sales to go even higher. 

Honda Increased Bike Prices Seven Times in 2021

Interestingly, Atlas Honda has achieved the highest ever bike sales despite a series of seven price hikes. The company welcomed the new year with a price hike and continued to amp up the prices throughout 2021. 

The price of the most basic Honda bike, the CD70, was Rs. 77,900 by the end of 2020. Seven price hikes later, the bike’s price has now become Rs. 94,900. Similarly, the year 2020 ended with Honda CG125’s price at Rs. 129,900. During 11 months of 2021, the bike’s price has gone up to Rs. 152,500. 

But, here’s the thing, Atlas Honda’s sales are still on the rise because two-wheelers never go out of demand. Bikes are the common man’s ride, aka awaami sawari in Pakistan. No matter how much the prices go up, people will still buy motorcycles; we all know that so does Atlas Honda. That is why the company will keep on increasing the prices and breaking its own sales records. 

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