Atlas Honda Records Highest Motorcycle Sales Ever in a Month

Despite the recent extensive series of price hikes announced by Atlas Honda this year, the company has remained strong in terms of periodic sales and profits throughout. In a recent update on that front, the bike maker has recorded the highest ever sales in October 2021.

The company sold 125,031 motorcycles the previous month, recording a Month Over Month (MOM) increase of 14 percent, and a Year Over Year (YOY) increase of 8 percent in sales.

The company beat its own sales record, which it set in March of this year, selling well over 124,000 units. Based on the high demand, the company is ramping up production even further.

Despite the fact that Honda now has a few competitors in the market, it still continues to dominate the two-wheeler industry with towering sales figures each month. It also bears mentioning that their success is still continued despite the company selling the most basic products to the market.

Despite this, Atlas Honda has a habit of increasing the prices of vehicles without any valid reason. An argument can be made that the prices of raw materials are increasing whereas the FOREX rate is deteriorating nowadays which is the cause for price hikes.

At the same time, bear in mind that the prices of these motorcycles had been increasing regardless of these issues. When the value of the USD in Pakistan was around Rs. 151 and the raw materials were cheaper in mid-2021, all the motorcycle manufacturers, including Atlas Honda, increased the prices of their motorbikes.

Yet still, the prices of these Honda bikes have been on the rise and so has its demand. With such a large footprint in the market, Atlas Honda is unlikely to experience any challenge from the competition.

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