Audi Grandsphere Concept Debuts Today: See The Livestream

The second of three concepts previewing Audi’s electric future makes its debut today, just a few days before it makes its first public appearance at the IAA in Munich. The Grandsphere concept incorporates many of the technologies the German automaker will begin using in production vehicles in the coming years.

Taking the shape of an athletic sedan, the study will feature Level 4 autonomous systems. Basically, this means it will be able to transport passengers in comfort in full self-driving mode, though there will be manual controls allowing the driver to take control of the drive. Given its autonomous nature, the Grandsphere has a roomy and comfortable cabin with pillarless entry.

Of course, the concept has an all-electric powertrain which gives the designers virtually unlimited potential. The result is a sleek-looking, A7-like sedan with lots of LED accents and little visual connection with Audi’s current model range. If you want an early sneak peek, Audi’s Skysphere concept hints at the overall design language (see the video below).

For the debut of the new concept, the manufacturer will broadcast from the Audi Design Center in Ingolstadt, where executives of the brand will join host Steven Gajten in showcasing the exterior and interior of the concept. The livestream will begin at 1:00 PM EST time. We’ll have all the info about the concept combined with a rich photo gallery published right after the official debut of the showcar so stay tuned.

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