Audi Introduces A Concept Car Skysphere

The globally renowned auto giant Audi has introduced it latest concept electric car called Skysphere. According to company, it will be a self driving car.

Dimension wise, the Audi’s latest concept car is expanded by 10 inches from one end to another. It has a long hood goes with steering wheel and pedals fold away. The dashboard to the driver’s side is made with glass display panel and it has gear selector is also placed at a distance to provide comfort and space to the driver.

As the Audi Skysphere is an electric car and the electric motor is placed behind the seats which provides a wide space. The Skysphere is a touring car as it has a self driving mode. It is a two seated car.

The Audi Skysphere in an auto drive mode has a long wheelbase that gives a stable driving experience on the highway. When it comes to normal human driving mode, it has a short wheelbase that makes car quicker and best driving experience.

While talking about the Concept Car, the head of Audi, Henrik Wenders said:

“We are still convinced driving is a beautiful experience and we will provide it also in the future,”

The Skysphere car lacks grille because it is an electric car and it does not need much cooling as compared to an engine car. Instead it is provided with an aluminum screen under cover displays that allow moving from one driving mode to another.

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