Behold the 3/4 scale Ferrari Testa Rossa J

In the wake of working together with Bugatti on the enormous Baby II, Aston Martin on the wonderful DB5 Junior and Tamiya on the ludicrous Wild One MAX, The Little Car Company has joined forces up with Ferrari to make THIS – the Testa Rossa J.

Basically, it’s a 75 percent scale copy of a 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa. Intended to be driven by anybody beyond 14 a years old, has a hand-beaten aluminum body and, we’re told, an exact downsized diversion of the first’s suspension created utilizing the first drawings (provided by Ferrari’s Classiche Department).

The paint and calfskin are a similar stuff Ferrari utilizes on its street vehicles. The guiding wheel is by Nardi, the brakes by Brembo, the tires by Pirelli, the suspension (which was closed down by appropriate Ferrari testers at Fiorano, no less) by Bilstein and the pedals are scratched from the F8 Tributo. You get handcrafted wire wheels as standard, however you can move up to appropriate Borranis in the event that you like.

Inside, the seat is intended to oblige one youngster and one grown-up. The dials are largely diversions of the firsts, however adjusted to show battery/engine temps, charge remaining, etc. The Manettino switch on the scramble allows you to push through four drive modes; Novice, Comfort, Sport and Race.

Race releases the full 12kW of force, empowering a maximum velocity of “over 60km/h” (37mph). We’re told this mode “will permit an equilibrium of execution between all vehicles created by The Little Car Company to guarantee fun and amicable contest on the race track”. Reach is up to 90km (56 miles).

Other striking elements? A pressure driven handbrake and the discretionary roll-bar. You can have it painted in one of 14 exemplary race attires, concoct your own or have it painted in one of 53 standard tones. All things considered, presumably The Little Car Company would be very much glad to appropriately customize your Testa Rossa J, whenever gave a huge enough check.

Costs start at €93,000 before duty and choices.

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