Best Used Cars to Buy in 2022

Used Cars in 2022

Happy New Year, folks! Each year, we say, “new year, new car”. But the way car prices are going up and up, buying a new car has become a luxury only the rich can afford. For others, the only way to go is buying used cars. So, let’s rephrase and say “new year, used car”, and help you find the best one.

Wait, this year, we have another thing to deal with: rising petrol prices. Fuel has already become so expensive, and the rates are only increasing. For that reason, we are listing the best fuel-efficient and affordable used cars that you can buy in 2022. Here we go.

1. Japanese 660cc Suzuki Alto

The first used car that’s worth your money is the imported Alto, and we’ll tell you why. Both local and imported Alto are fuel-efficient cars with 18 to 19 kilometers per litre in the city. But the imported Alto is better than the local model in every way. It’s more powerful, more stable, safer, and more comfortable.

Used Japanese Suzuki Alto

The Japanese Alto comes with heated seats, heated steering, cruise control, paddle shifters, and more. If you are into buying a used Alto, better go for the Japanese twin. It will only cost you 1 to 2 lacs more and offer so much more value. 

Used Japanese Suzuki Alto ranges from Rs. 10 lacs to 22 lacs, and there are hundreds of options available on PakWheels.

2. Honda N One

If you are looking for a value for money hatchback, Honda N One is your other option. This is another Japanese model with a powerful 660cc engine and a good fuel economy of 14 to 16 kilometers per litre in the city.

Used Honda N One

Other good things about Honda N One are its modern and spacious interior, good air conditioning and factory sound systems. 

Used Honda N One ranges from Rs. 14 lacs to 23 lacs, and there are 50+ options available on PakWheels.

3. Suzuki Cultus EFI

If you prefer local hatchbacks over Japanese imports, the old generation Suzuki Cultus is our pick for you. Not only is it one of the most fuel-efficient and reliable cars, but it’s also easy to maintain. Every mechanic knows the car in and out. Spare parts are also available in the market. 

Used Suzuki Cultus EFI

Cultus EFI model has a fuel average of 14 kilometers per litre in the city and 19 km/L on the highway. The car has a spacious, comfortable cabin and good road grip.

Hundreds of used Suzuki Cultus Euro-II are available for sale with a price range of Rs. 7 lacs to 13 lacs.

4. 4th & 5th Gen Honda City

After small cars, let’s talk about the affordable and fuel-efficient used sedans to buy in 2022. Speaking of which, the 4th and 5th generation models of Honda City are it. Both are good value for money family cars.

The older 4th generation model has a fuel average of 12 to 15 kilometers per litre in the city. The 5th generation model has an even better mileage of 14 to 17 kilometers per litre in the city but lacks airbags.

Used 5th Gen City
Used 4th Gen City

Both sedans have decent seating and trunk space, and cheap spare parts. The cars retain their value if kept in good condition. 

You can find hundreds of used 4th generation Honda City within Rs. 9 lacs to 16.5 lacs and 3000+ used 5th generation Honda City within Rs. 14 lacs to 28 lacs.

5. 10th Gen Toyota Corolla 1.6L GLi Automatic

If you are a Toyota fan looking for a used sedan, the 10th generation 1.6L Corolla GLi A/T is the best. This one is another fuel-efficient and reliable car, with a mileage of 12 to 12.5 kilometers per litre in the city. 

Used Cars - Toyota Corolla

Like all Corollas, the 10th generation GLi has ample seating and boot space. Being a Toyota car, its suspension is soft, and the ride is comfortable. The car’s spare parts are also easily available in the market. 

Hundreds of used Toyota Corolla 1.6L GLi Automatic are available for sale from Rs. 19 lacs to 25 lacs. 

6. Toyota Aqua

How can we miss hybrids in the list of fuel-efficient cars? That’s what hybrid cars are all about, and Toyota Aqua is our pick for a used hybrid. It checks all the boxes of being powerful, reliable, comfortable, and safe. 

Used Cars - Toyota AquaAqua is a 1500 hybrid car that gives you a fuel average of 16 to 18 kilometers per litre in the city, has a spacious interior, comfortable ride, excellent road grip, and a lot of safety features.

Hundreds of used Toyota Aqua are available for sale from Rs. 19 lacs to 30 lacs.

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