Bike Side Mirrors A Must in Sindh Now

Bike Side Mirrors

For the first time, the Sindh government has made the side view mirrors obligatory for two-wheelers in the province. The step has been taken to ensure the safety of bikers as well as others on the roads.

Talking to the media, Sindh Information Minister Saeed Ghani said that the government took the step during a provincial cabinet meeting, chaired by Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah. “Keeping in view the important public issue of road traffic accidents, the cabinet has decided to amend the Motor Vehicle Rules 1969,” the minister said.

He further added that after this new amendment, the bikers in the province have to install side mirrors on their bikes and wear a helmet. The Sindh Transport Department had tabled the proposal regarding lack of safety on roads because bikers don’t install side mirrors.

Police and Bike Side Mirrors

As per a provincial report issued in January this year, 80% of motorcyclists get into road accidents due to negligence. Earlier, Motorway police, in collaboration with a private company, had launched a road safety campaign. During the campaign, the police installed side mirrors, indicators and reflecting lights on bikes. Furthermore, the police distributed helmets among the citizens in Karachi.

While talking to the media, Commandant Training College DIG Mehboob Aslam stated that the main reasons for the accidents were the absence of headlights, rearview mirrors and backlights in bikes. 

“The citizens should pay full attention to the fitness of vehicles and follow the traffic rules,” Aslam had advised the citizens.

This is surely a great step by the Sindh government because it will increase road safety. Most of the bikers remove these mirrors after buying the bike. People do this to make the bike stylish, somehow, but it increases the chance of accidents.

What is your take on this new policy by the Sindh government? Will it increase road safety? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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