BMW Unveils A Car That Lets Users Change Its Color in a Split Second

German automaker BMW has unveiled its futuristic color-changing paint technology that allows for the switching of the exterior color of a vehicle with just a touch of a button.

A video that was shared by Twitter user @Out_of_Spec shows the color-changing feature on a dark grey, all-electric BMW iX that turns white in a split second. The transformation is amazingly quick and it is hard to believe that this is not a video editing trick.

This color changing @BMWUSA #iX is wild! It’s apparently very temperature sensitive so they have a backup in a trailer in case this one gets too hot / cold

— Out of Spec Studios (@Out_of_Spec) January 4, 2022

BMW had previously confirmed that it would demonstrate the innovative technology but did not provide any details about it. The demonstration was done and the video of the active use of the technology was tweeted by @Out_of_Spec. Besides, the newly-introduced technology is currently in its infancy stage and may take a while to become commercial.

@Out_of_Spec also revealed that the color-changing paint technology is so sensitive that BMW has arranged for a backup EV in the pool in case if the displayed one gets too hot or cold.

Fans of the Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto (GTA) collection may remember the cool trick that comes in handy in dodging the police in the game, when a car is driven to a nearby paint workshop and gets a rapid new paint job. BMW has surprisingly turned it into reality, minus the rushing to a paint shop part.

Although this feature is not going to be rolled out very soon, it would be incredible to own a car that can switch up colors instead of having to get a paint job at an auto paint shop. What’s more, it may appeal to criminals even more than regular buyers!

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