BMW X6 M Competition By Manhart Is A Carbon Masterpiece

Are you bored with the stock BMW X6 M Competition and want something faster and more exciting? Well, tuning company Manhart has just the thing to transform your new BMW SUV coupe from something ordinary to a head-turning super SUV. Welcome to the Manhart MHX6 700 WB. Manhart updates the BMW X6 M’s performance parts, its exterior, and finally the interior to create a unique SUV all its own.

Let’s cover the important stuff first. Manhart offers customers a tune that raises the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8’s power to 730 horsepower (544 Kilowatts). For customers outside of Germany, you can also option a full exhaust system that removes the catalytic converters and gasoline particulate filter to improve exhaust sound and more performance. When it comes to suspension Manhart offers lowering springs to drop the ride height 30mm and wider wheels for better grip.

The most apparent change on the Manhart MHX6 700 WB is the exterior body thanks to Manhart’s 24-piece forged carbon fiber widebody kit. This unique body kit utilizes forged carbon fiber which is an interesting alternative to traditional woven carbon fiber. There’s also a forged carbon fiber grille, rear spoiler, rear diffusor, mirror caps, and side skirts.

Forged carbon fiber is comprised of tiny pieces of carbon fabric that are bonded with resin. Forged carbon fiber can be formed into virtually any shape imaginable which gives it an edge over traditional woven carbon fiber. Forged carbon was pioneered by Lamborghini and Callaway who used it to build the Sesto Elemento to showcase the versatility of this new building material.

Manhart continues the use of forged carbon fiber in the interior with its 8-piece forged carbon interior package. The steering wheel is now made of forged carbon and the seats even have forged carbon inserts.

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