Bugatti Chiron Recalled for 1 Loose Screw

A single Bugatti Chiron has been recalled over a loose screw which could compromise its crash protection. According to information, the early Chiron model, which was produced on the 17th of November in 2017 was issued for recall by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The directive states that one of two screws of the front frame support has a torque rating of 9 Nm as opposed to the recommended 19 Nm. After an internal investigation of their extensive database, Bugatti found that this sole model required a recall to get the said screw up to spec. The French automaker has stated they will handle the transportation of the vehicle to its nearest authorized workshop to assess and tighten the problem screw to its required specification.

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The NHTSA said that the loose screw of the US located hypercar could potentially reduce structural integrity of the Chiron in the event of a collision and thus increase risk of injury for occupants. Bear in mind Bugatti Chiron can achieve speed of up to 420 km/h. This isn’t the only Bugatti recall in recent history, in fact this is the second time where the Chiron has been recalled. The prior occasion was in 2018 which was a result of a defect relating to the side airbags and improperly installed heat shields.

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