Changan Oshan X7- Has the Disruption Begun?

When Changan launched the Oshan X7 crossover few months ago, they called it a disruption in the CUV segment. The company recently celebrated achieving 25,000 units production milestone within a span of hardly 3 years of operations in the country.

Changan has witnessed good success with Karvaan minivan & its pickup derivative M9 Sherpa as well as the Alsvin subcompact sedan which has recently clocked past 10,000 units production milestone. And from the looks of it the Oshan X7 is on its way to achieve similar sort of success in our market.

Oshan X7 debut 64

More importantly, the X7 has already started to reach the hands of customers as opposed to those who booked other CUVs from competitors more than a year ago & still have no clue when they will get the deliveries of their vehicles. According to Changan, the deliveries of Oshan X7 were started in April and it has been able to resolve to manage vehicle deliveries with minimal delays despite widespread lockdown in China due to latest wave of COVID.

Since April 2022, Changan has delivered more units of local assembled Oshan X7 than Proton X70 which was launched in December 2020

One of the key reasons behind the success of Oshan X7 is surely the way it looks. Like Changan Alsvin, the Oshan X7 thanks to its catchy design stands out from the rest of the lot running on the roads and is truly a head turner. Gives owners some sort of pride to have a vehicle that gets real attention rather than driving ‘just another new car’.

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