Changan Oshan X7 Officially Launches as Pakistan’s First Ever Euro-6 SUV

The midsize SUV segment of Pakistan has witnessed a new arrival with the official launch of Changan Oshan X7 SUV in Pakistan. This is the first-ever global reveal of a Right Hand Drive (RHD) vehicle in Pakistan, which is a significant milestone for the country’s auto industry.

The Oshan X7 is a midsize crossover SUV that competes with Kia Sorento, Toyota Fortuner, and Haval H6. It is the latest generation product that will likely have an edge over its competitors in terms of features and value for money.

Let us dive in deep and see if that is the case:


Changan’s new models are some of the sharpest-looking vehicles on the roads today, which is also true of the Oshan X7 SUV.

The front features a large, gaping, mesh-patterned front grille, a pair of sleek LED headlights and Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), a sporty front bumper, and a simple, yet smooth hood design.

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