Changan Oshan X7 Vs. Kia Sportage Vs. Peugeot 2008 [Comparison]

Master Changan Motors Limited (MCML) has debuted the all-new Oshan X7 SUV to an enthusiastic reception from the public. Although it’s a modern midsize crossover SUV, it has been positioned to compete with smaller crossover SUVs.

This article will compare all three of the aforementioned SUVs to see that, at around Rs. 6 million, which one makes the most sense:

Exterior Styling

Oshan X7

Changan’s new models are some of the sharpest-looking vehicles on the roads today, which is also true of the Oshan X7 SUV.

The front has a large mesh-patterned front grille, a pair of sleek LED headlights and Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), a sporty front bumper, and a smooth hood design.

Oshan X7 Rear

The side profile is the same as most crossover SUVs, with a few character lines along the length, a high beltline, and a set of 19″ alloy wheels allowing for a refined look.

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