Changan Unveils the All New Oshan Z6 in China

The newly launched Changan Oshan X7 is making waves in our market due to its catchy design, powerful engine and a price tag that undercuts the flagship 11th gen Honda Civic RS.

Now back in its home market, Changan has just unveiled the all-new Oshan Z6 crossover that is expected to go on sale in Chinese market towards mid 2022. Oshan is a sub brand under Changan’s umbrella aimed at younger buyers and is considered as a premium brand with a not-so-high price tag.

Oshan Z6 06

The Changan Oshan Z6 is a D-segment crossover features a sporty look with huge intricate mesh grille flanked with sharp and slim pair of headlights, there are plenty of sharp & angular lines while overall the design language of vehicle look reminiscent to the Changan Uni series. In terms of dimensions, the Oshan Z6 measures 4,699 mm long, 1,890 mm wide and 1,660 mm tall while having a wheelbase of 2,795 mm. To give you the idea of its size, its very much comparable to the 3rd gen Kia Sorento (4,760 mm long, 1,890 wide, 1,685 tall) we have here, however its wheelbase is even longer than that of Sorento (2,780 mm).

Oshan Z6 07

Inside, the Changan Oshan Z6 comes in black as well as beige color coded interior (depending on version) with three screens even in the base variant. One for the digital instrument panel which is 10.25 inches long having 3D display technology. Then there is a 12.3 inches central touch screen with OnStyle 5.0 system featuring voice recognition allowing drivers to link their voices to different functions. The third screen is 9.1 inch unit on the center panel mainly for navigation. The Oshan Z6 also features the EaglePilot7.0 driving system aided by 12 radars, 3 mm-wave radars, and 5 cameras. With these features, the Oshan Z6 can park itself and help the driver on roads.

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