Chery Introduces Tiggo 4 Pro and Tiggo 8 Pro in Pakistan [Pictures]

Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. has partnered with Ghandhara and has unveiled Tiggo 4 Pro and Tiggo 8 Pro SUVs in Pakistan.

This partnership is Chery’s strategy to compete with the growing automotive market globally. Their locally-built vehicles are expected to hit Pakistani markets within the fiscal year 2021-22

The following SUVs were unveiled today by Chery:

Tiggo 4 Pro

Chery Tiggo 4 Pro is a 1.5TCI engine 5-seater SUV carrying a traditional body design. It is equipped with a unique diamond grill design on its front. Daytime running lights and LED headlights for a modern look.

On the interior, a 7-inch LCD instrument cluster is installed, and in the center lies a 10.25-inch floating console panel with an 8-inch climate control touch screen. The SUV has a yacht-style cockpit and provides an extremely comfortable driving experience.

Official Specifications

Tiggo 8 Pro

Tiggo 8 Pro is a lavish SUV designed by a well-known stylist, Kevin Rice. The SUV is offered with a 1.6 TGDI engine that produces 195 horsepower and 290 Nm of torque along with dual-clutch technology.

The SUV has the latest Advanced driver-assistance system that lets driver and passengers experience the luxury-level experience and comfort. It is equipped with all the modern features including a 360-degree camera view and essential safety features including 6 curtain airbags. This SUV also has a diamond grill on its front with LED headlights and LED rear lights. The wheels on Tiggo 8 Pro are 18-inch alloys.

Official Specifications

Pricing and Local Assembly

Chery will start the local assembly of the Tiggo series with dynamic local partners who have been in the automotive field for the past 5 decades. They will be introducing CKD units and will launch all variants of Tiggo 4 Pro and Tiggo 8 Pro in the next two years. Chery will only focus on these two SUVs and will not be launching any other models until 2023.

The company hasn’t finalized the prices yet and is conducting market research at the moment. Chery will be announcing the prices at a later date.

Dealership Network

The investment of $10 million by Ghandara in the first four years would help the company expand its dealership network, their expansion would also create more employment opportunities.

Chery will start with a network of 8 dealers in Pakistan with a production capacity of 16,000 units. The production will be expanded to 32,000 units with their advanced assembling plant being built at Port Qasim in Karachi.

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