Classic Mercedes Race Cars Inspire Wild Homemade Creation

And you can buy it for $75,000.
Modern-day automobiles are complex machines, so it’s always thrilling to see homemade creations. They’re not always the prettiest to the masses, but cars are built with love. One that’s for sale is unlike anything we’ve ever seen, the builder taking inspiration from the Mercedes Sauber C8, C9, and C11 race cars from the 1980s and 1990s. The final result is a wild machine that packs a mid-engine Chevy V8 and gullwing doors.

The seller calls it a 2011 Mercedes-Benz AMG C8 GTR, though it doesn’t share many resemblances to a Mercedes. However, you can see how the build reimagines those classic race cars. The car’s profile has a similar swooping appearance, with the low front arching over the front wheel and then shopping into a Corvette-like rear shape. The build is like a race car in that it’s mid-engined. A bulbous engine cover shows the engine underneath, while a small spoiler sits on the rear of the vehicle.

Under the hood is a Chevy 350 V8 that pairs with a four-speed manual gearbox. The ad lists no stats, but the engine sports an Edelbrock carburetor fed by a 25-gallon fuel tank, a hi-flow water pump, a GM HEI distributor, and more. A pair of Cherry Bomb mufflers with chrome tiles provide the exhaust note with chrome. Stopping power comes from four-wheel disc brakes. The seller is asking $75,000 for the build, though they are open to trades.

Inside, Autometer gauges sit in a carbon-fiber dash. The lightweight material is also used for the steering wheel and shift knob. Its bare-bones appearance isn’t without some amenities. It has heat, a Bluetooth stereo system, and cabin ventilation. The seller says the car is “legal,” and photos show it with a license plate. It has working wipers and functional lights. The horn works, too. It’s not a build that will please everyone, but most people don’t make an effort to build their own cars, either.

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