E-Challans Have Significantly Reduced Traffic Violations in Islamabad

The E-Challan system under the Safe City Project has delivered its desired results with a decline in traffic violations since its inception.

It had been launched to provide a safe road environment for motorists, and this goal has been achieved as the number of traffic violations has fallen, and drivers now adhere to the traffic rules.

More than 20,000 e-challans were issued to motorists for various violations in the last five months, of which 11,358 were for overspeeding and 8,990 were issued for lane indiscipline.

These e-challans were dispatched to the address of the vehicle owners that they had registered with the Federal Excise and Taxation Office. A challan is to be paid within 10 days after the issuance date. In the case of non-payment, a copy of the challan is placed in the master file of the vehicle, and legal action is initiated against the offender.

Furthermore, the owner will not be able to sell or transfer the vehicle in question until the fine is paid.

The Inspector-General of Islamabad Police, Qazi Jamil-ur-Rehman, revealed that the project is using the latest technology like high definition cameras and drones for modern policing. He said that these aids are helpful in the implementation of traffic laws and effective monitoring of the city, and affirmed that the system will continue to improve Islamabad’s road environment.

He expressed his hope for the success of the system and lauded the efforts of Director General Safe City in introducing it.

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