E-Legend EL1 spearheads family of Group B-inspired super-EVs

99 E Legend EL1 2021 Munich motor show static front

E-Legend displayed its Audi Quattro S1-inspired EL1 at the Munich motor show, but the German EV start-up is already working on its next project – a model that will share both the EL1’s mechanical architecture and inspiration from rallying’s Group B era. The EL1’s carbonfibre chassis, suspension and electric powertrain have been engineered as an integral unit, explained Marcus Holzinger, E-Legend’s chairman and chief designer. This means that other bodywork can easily be integrated with it, the architecture being flexible enough to allow for slightly different wheelbases. “With the EL1, we’re interpreting the Audi, but it could be something else in the future. This is just the starting point,” Holzinger told Autocar.

Group B gives no shortage of potential inspiration. Holzinger cited the Lancia Delta S4, Lancia 037 and Ford RS200 when asked which cars he would most like to add to his portfolio, while admitting that the desires of potential buyers could be the deciding factor.

But the Quattro was always going to come first, because Holzinger’s father was a design-studio modeller who worked on the 1984 original

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