Excise Dept to Begin Crackdown Against Unregistered Vehicles of Govt Departments

The Excise Department has warned that it will seize the unregistered vehicles under the use of the government departments in the Charsadda district if they are not registered with the clearance of the outstanding dues. 

The official stated that none of the departments have registered their vehicles, which is causing massive losses to the provincial funds.

“The officials of various departments have not registered their vehicles with the Excise Department despite our repeated requests for the same,” he stated, claiming that majority of the departments had also failed to pay the token tax for their vehicles.

Departments Involved

The departments that haven’t paid the token tax or are still using unregistered vehicles include Agriculture, Health, Forests, Livestock, Communication and Works, Social Welfare, Manpower and Labour, Rescue 1122, and Education, as well as the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) Charsadda, TMA Tangi, TMA Shabqadar, Bacha Khan University among others.

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