Ferraris are what dreams are made of. Fast, sexy, and highly exclusive, these Italian supercars push the boundaries of performance and cause a stir wherever they go. The Portofino convertible is the most accessible in terms of price, but even it is far too expensive for most people. Things only go up from there with the mid-engined F8 Tributo supercar, the V-12–powered 812 Superfast, and the surprisingly practical GTC4Lusso. If you think the GTC4Lusso hatchback is unconventional, you’ll be even more surprised to hear that a Ferrari SUV, the Purosangue, is on the horizon.FERRARI2022 296GTBSTARTING AT$250,000 est

With compact dimensions and a plug-in-hybrid powertrain, the new Ferrari 296GTB mixes the company’s supercar ethos with cutting-edge technology.
9.5/10FERRARI2021 812 Superfast / GTSSTARTING AT$340,000 est

The convertible GTS joins the Superfast coupe for 2021, rounding out Ferrari’s V-12 grand-touring lineup.10/10FERRARI2021 F8 Tributo / SpiderSTARTING AT$280,000

The Ferrari F8 Tributo coupe and Spider convertible possess two supercar hallmarks—exotic bodywork and exciting performance.8/10FERRARI2021 Portofino MSTARTING AT$245,000 est

With irresistible looks and thrilling performance, the Portofino is a stunning grand-touring masterpiece.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWFERRARI2022 PurosangueSTARTING AT$350,000 est

Purists may be shocked at plans for the 2022 Purosangue, Ferrari’s first SUV, but there’s no need to fear that it will eschew the brand’s values.9/10FERRARI2021 RomaSTARTING AT$222,620

The all-new 2021 Ferrari Roma is a stunning Italian-bred coupe that seeks to challenge the grandest grand tourers.10/10FERRARI2021 SF90 Stradale / SpiderSTARTING AT$507,000 est

As proof that electrified vehicles are the way of the future, even Ferrari has one: the SF90 Stradale, a plug-in hybrid hypercar with blistering performance.

A treat for the senses, the Ferrari 488 Pista is a masterpiece of stunning design and thrilling performance.9.5/10FERRARI2020 812 SuperfastSTARTING AT$338,000

With its jaw-dropping acceleration and nimble handling, the 812 Superfast is one of the most lust-worthy supercars in the automotive kingdom.10/10FERRARI2020 F8 Tributo / SpiderSTARTING AT$274,280

Glamour lives in the F8 Tributo and Spider, supercars with sensuous designs and dazzling performance capabilities.8.5/10FERRARI2020 GTC4LussoSTARTING AT$263,750

With a choice of powertrains, optional all-wheel drive, and enough room for four, the GTC4Lusso is a Ferrari you can drive every day of the year.8/10FERRARI2020 PortofinoSTARTING AT$218,750

With irresistible looks and thrilling performance, the Portofino is a stunning showpiece and a grand-touring masterpiece.10/10FERRARI2020 SF90 StradaleSTARTING AT$625,000

Dazzling to behold and lightning quick off the line, the SF90 Stradale is a hybrid hypercar that’s both electrified and electrifying.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW10/10FERRARI2019 488GTBSTARTING AT$256,550

Its styling is shaped by aerodynamics as much as it is by its talented Italian designers.10/10FERRARI2019 812 SuperfastSTARTING AT$315,000 est

With a claimed top speed of 211 mph, the name 812 Superfast is not mere hyperbole.8/10FERRARI2019 GTC4Lusso

In a category full of two-seat supercar coupes, the GTC4Lusso politely requests a table for four.9/10FERRARI2019 PortofinoSTARTING AT$214,533

With its hardtop in place, the Portofino is a high-powered Italian sports coupe, but lower that power-operated roof and it transforms into an open-air tourer that’ll turn even more heads.9/10FERRARI2017 California TSTARTING AT$206,473

The California T is Ferrari’s return to forced induction, but where the last turbo Ferrari was the beastly F40, the T is far tamer.10/10FERRARI2016 F12berlinettaSTARTING AT$323,745

Sure, it costs more than a house, but the metal-melting aria from that incredibly operatic engine is priceless.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW8/10FERRARI2016 FFSTARTING AT$303,750

The FF continues Ferrari’s tradition of offering at least one curious—often plus-sized—four-seater in its lineup.10/10FERRARI2015 LaFerrariSTARTING AT$1,420,112

Above sports cars, there are exotic sports cars—and then there’s the LaFerrari.9/10FERRARI2012 599GTB FioranoSTARTING AT$330,000

Ferrari’s most expensive offering, the front-engine 599 features aluminum construction, a thrilling V-12, and a driving experience that makes the price tag seem like a bargain.10/10FERRARI2010 F430

The F430 coupe and droptop Spider are fabulous cars, but the harder-core Scuderia models (the 430 Scuderia and 430 Scuderia Spider 16M) are even better.

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