Final Lotus Elise Handed Over to its Namesake

Romano Artioli was the quintessential Italian entrepreneur who shared a great passion for automobiles in the 1990’s. He was the man responsible for the Bugatti revival when he acquired the brand in 1987, and launched the iconic EB110 in 1991.

In 1993 he also acquired Lotus and went on to crate the first automobile under new administration. The aim was to develop a lightweight sports car, and with Elise, they managed just around 725 kg back when the vehicle was launched in 1996. During all these years, 35,124 examples of Elise were built with Lotus putting an end to the production of Elise, Exige and Evora as it embraces the new era of its product line.

Elisa 03

Although the final Lotus Elise unit is destined for the museum, however the penultimate model was purchased by the woman who gave the name to it. Elisa Artioli is the granddaughter of Romano Artioli and the original inspiration behind the name of the sports car. When the two-seat, mid-engined roadster was launched in mid-90s, Elisa was only 2 years old. And recently, the last ever Elise unit (sold to a customer) in Championship Gold color was handed over to her at a ceremony in Norfolk, England.Elisa 07

Elisa with the very first Lotus Elise

Elisa bid goodbye to the Lotus Elise series in an emotional letter that shows her deep connection with the car. She described the time when Lotus Elise was revealed to the world. The letter reads:

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