Ford Could Consider Smaller Truck To Slot Below Maverick

Ford’s decision to discontinue the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, and other sedans in the US left the company with few affordable products. It offers the EcoSport – for now – though that’s not igniting the world with excitement. That’s where the new Maverick comes in – an affordable and efficient pickup packed with neat features that start at around $20,000 – though it might not be the company’s only bite-sized pickup.

In an interview with Muscle Cars and Trucks, Hau Thai-Tang, Ford’s chief product platform and operations officer, said there might be an opportunity for Ford to offer a pickup that’s even smaller than the Maverick. He noted that the South American and South African markets could support such a vehicle. However, he didn’t elaborate any further, instead highlighting the Maverick’s hybrid powertrain and the costs savings it provides to customers.

While the Ford Fusion isn’t available in the US anymore, the company is working on the successor, and the iconic model isn’t going away in Europe. There’s a good chance it’ll be available in the US, sporting a taller ride height and a crossover-like greenhouse. Late last year, Ford’s new CEO, Jim Farley, promised there’d be more affordable offerings for North American buyers, and a Fusion could help satisfy that commitment. Farley has also tweeted a desire to see the compact Puma ST crossover stateside and in other markets.

Automakers aren’t keen to discuss future products, and if Ford were planning such a model, it wouldn’t flippantly say so publicly. Maverick production started earlier this summer, with the first models arriving at dealers late last month, though Ford has a long road ahead to fulfill the 100,000 reservations people placed for the vehicle. It’s doubtful all 100,000 will be converted into an actual sale, though it’d be no surprise to learn that the sheer number of people saying they want one has Ford thinking about new, even smaller possibilities.

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