From Toyota to Tesla, Here Are the Most Valuable Automotive Brands of 2021

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Interbrand is a US consultancy company that evaluates the best global brands every year. The company calculates the financial value of these brands and ranks them from highest to lowest. This year’s Interbrand’s Best Global Brands List ranked Apple as the number one brand, followed by Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, CocaCola, Toyota, etc. And that’s how Toyota came as the seventh overall and first most valuable automotive brand of 2021.

Most Valuable Automotive Brands of 2021

It’s the third time in a row that Toyota is at the top of the automotive tree. The Japanese car brand has a financial value of $54,107 million, up by 5% from last year. In second place is Mercedes-Benz, with $50,866 million financial worth (+5%). Then there’s BMW ($41,631 million, +5%), then Tesla ($36,270 million, +184%), and then Honda ($21,315 million, -2%). 

Best Automotive Brands of 2021

Here are the rankings of the automotive companies in the Interbrand’s Best Global Brands list.

  1. Toyota                                              $54,107 million                (+5%)
  2. Mercedes-Benz                         $50,866 million                 (+3%)
  3. BMW                                               $41,631 million                 (+5%)
  4. Tesla                                                 $36,270 million                 (+184%)
  5. Honda                                             $21,315 million                 (-2%)
  6. Hyundai                                         $15,168 million                 (+6%)
  7. Audi                                                  $14,474 million                (+8%)
  8. Volkswagen                                 $13,423 million                 (+9%)
  9. Ford                                                  $12,861 million                (+2%)
  10. Porsche                                          $11,739 million                 (+4%)
  11. Nissan                                             $11,131 million                 (+5%)
  12. KIA                                                   $6,087 million                    (+4%)
  13. Land Rover                                  $5,088 million                    (0%)

Notice the 184% financial growth of Tesla, incredible, isn’t it? Toyota may have won the title of best value automotive brand of 2021. But Tesla is, hands down, the fastest-growing brand. Ranked at an overall 14th position, Tesla jumped 26 places from last year, the highest leap out of all companies. At this pace, Tesla might become the next Toyota in a year or two. 

On another note, Honda is the only car brand with a negative year-on-year value. That means things have not been going well for the Japanese company, and that’s the tea.

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