Geely Tests World’s First Methanol Hybrid Sedan in -40c Proving Grounds

In the frigid northern Chinese province of Heilongjiang, Geely brought the world’s first methanol hybrid sedan to test its performance in sub -40°c arctic conditions.

Geely’s latest Methanol Hybrid Emgrand is based on Geely Auto’s 4th generation B-Segment Modular Architecture (BMA) and is the latest product from Geely’s decade-long 3 billion RMB investment into methanol vehicle development. Previous generation methanol vehicles faced difficulties with cold starts but with Geely’s NordThor Power hybrid technology and the latest generation methanol powertrains, issues with extreme cold environment performance have been eliminated.


Geely started to explore methanol car technologies back in 2005. In last 17 years, Geely has applied for over 256 patents in the methanol sphere. Furthermore, Geely was the first car company in China to use methanol technologies in production cars. Since 2013, it has also taken part in several domestic and foreign methanol vehicle pilot projects. Since 2005, Geely has sold about 27,000 methanol cars, most of which were commercial vehicles.

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