General Tyres Guide on PakWheels a Great benefit for Car Owners

General Tyres

PakWheels and General Tyres decided to have such a platform which can make every car owner’s life easier to help them understand about tyres. As there was not a single place where owners can know what type of tyre is best for their cars? How many types of tyres are available in Pakistan? What are the best practices to keep your tyre long lasting etc.

General Tyre guide was built back in 2016 and since then, it has proved to be a great venture for both sides, especially the latter. Over the years General Tyre has enhanced tyre guide features and helps millions of users to get to know everything about tyres. Furthermore, 36 million+ impressions have served on PakWheels across all platforms with the average CTR of 0.4% and over 5 million social media reach including Facebook and Instagram for the tyre guide.

Work on Tyre Guides

We have worked on these guides in quite detail by creating different sections. The Tyre Guide has sections including Tyre Categories, where you can read and understand everything about the RADIAL and BIAS categories of the tyres.

Then comes Tyre Tips for Do’s and Don’ts’ for your tyres, here we tell you about how to take care of your tyres in winters, summers, bad roads, mountains, and every other terrain and it will surely be helpful for all.

Thirdly, we have Understanding Tyres, where you can know and understand everything about your tyres. This information includes tyre dimensions, diameter, thickness, manufacturing date and size. In short, it will make you an expert in a few moments.

And finally comes to Know Your Tyre, and it’s all-in name, where you can know everything about your tyre in detail. It will help you understand your tyre and you don’t have to go anywhere else.

Meanwhile, you will find a complete Product Range of General Tyres, which lists all types of General Tyres available in Pakistan. Through this list, you can choose the best option for your car and other vehicles for a safe and comfortable journey. In conclusion, through this single guide, you can know each and everything about the tyres and will turn you into an expert of tyres.

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