Govt Bans Import of Vintage Cars

The government has decided to deny vintage car enthusiasts a one-time relief on the imports of vintage cars to Pakistan. The Ministry of Commerce had tabled a case that requested benefits for the import of used vintage cars earlier this week but the summary was rejected by the cabinet, as reported by The Express Tribune.

As per the details, only automobiles that are explicitly exempted under Chapter 87 of the Import Policy Order (IPO), 2020, are authorized to be imported in accordance with the announcement by the Commerce Division. Used vintage automobiles are not allowed to be imported into Pakistan by state law now.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) issued SRO 833(I)/2018 dated 3 July 2018 to propose a cumulative fine of $5,000 per unit on the import of vintage cars older than 50 years. The IPO bars the import of historic automobiles, which means that the SRO could not be implemented.

The Commerce Division submitted a proposal to the Economic Coordination Committee in January 2019, which included a request for the legalization of the import and export of historic automobiles.

A two-to-one majority of the court ordered the federal government to consider these petitions as applications under Paragraph 21 of the IPO for the grant of a one-time relaxation in favor of the already imported vintage cars and to make a decision within ten days of the receipt of these petitions.

In response to the court’s verdict, the Ministry of Commerce requested clearance for a one-time exception for the import of vintage cars. It filed a summary titled ‘One-Time Relaxation in Prohibition on Import of Vintage Cars or Otherwise in Light of Decision of Sindh High Court” to the cabinet.

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