Govt Requests Changan To “Hold Price Increase”

In the new notification, the company stated: “We are temporarily suspending the price of all Changan models until further notice.” Meanwhile, the previously booked vehicles will continue to be served.

Container Freight

Talking about the shipping charges-the reason of price increase-Changan said that the price of container freight has increased from $800 to $4,000. “We urge the government to help us by reducing the container freight cost so we could avoid the price increase.” 

The company also said that it strives to break the status quo and make the latest generation models in Pakistan. “We are still the only brand in Pakistan offering the Euro-5 engines as per government’s vision of climate change,” the company said, adding “However, we are in a dire situation because of the rising container freight cost.” 

Price Hike

Earlier this week, Changan had increased the car prices of its all models. After the increase, new price of top of the line Alsvin 1.5L DCT Lumiere reached Rs2,709,000, after it saw a rise of Rs1,20,000 from its old price of Rs2,589,000. Meanwhile, the Alsvin 1.5L DCT also saw a jump of Rs120,000 as its new price reached Rs2,519,000 as compared to its previous rate of Rs2,399,000. Lastly, the new price of Alsvin 1.3L Manual (MT) was Rs2,269,000, against its old rate of Rs2,149,000, meaning it also had seen a jump of Rs120,000.

Meanwhile, Changan’s MPV, Karvaan Standard had seen a jump of Rs120,000 as its revised price was Rs1,519,000 as compared to its old rate of Rs1,399,000. The price of second variant, Changan Karvaan Plus had also been increased by Rs120,000 as its new rate is Rs1,659,000 against the previous price of Rs1,539,000.

Last but not the least, the new price of Changan M9 was Rs1,354,000 as compared to its old rate of Rs1.234,000. It means it had also seen an increase of Rs120,000.

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