Has Booking Of Honda Civic 2022 Started In Pakistan?

The new Honda Civic 2022 has been causing a lot of ripples among the petrol heads in Pakistan for the last few days. First, a test mule of this upcoming sedan was spotted on the local roads, and then the price of the same CBU unit surfaced. And now there is another news circulating about the car’s booking.

According to reports, Honda Atlas has started booking the car in Pakistan. The sources claimed that the booking amount of the vehicle is Rs12 lacs. “The new car will be delivered in April/May 2022 because it will be launched in Pakistan by then,” they further claimed.

The customer will pay the price difference on the new Civic at the delivery time, as per similar sources. And this is an exciting one because Honda Civic is one of the most awaited cars in Pakistan.

What Does Honda say?
Keeping these rumours and sourced reports in mind, we decided to ask Honda Atlas directly. And as per the official, the news is false. The official simply told us that it is not true. And here we have it!

But no need to be disappointed because we will get the Honda Civic, most probably by mid-2022. But the company has not started booking. So, all of you need to be careful and never hand over any booking amount to any dealer. Wait for the official announcement for Honda Atlas, and then book your car.

The new Civic was launched in international market in April 2021, and it seems we have to wait it for almost an year. And this has remained the norm of Honda Atlas as company launched the latest generation of Civic with a gap of almost a year with global launch.

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