Haval Jolion and H6 to be Locally Assembled With Extra Features

Following the introduction of the locally-assembled BAIC BJ40 Plus, Sazgar Engineering is now focusing on the CKD (Completely Knocked-Down) production of Haval SUVs. It will begin locally assembling Haval Jolion and H6 in the second quarter of 2022, and will soon open bookings for them.

Pakistan’s first Haval H6 Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) was sighted in Karachi in December 2021, and Sazgar subsequently imported additional H6 hybrid units to display them. While there have been no other local sightings of hybrid variants of  Haval Jolion, the automaker plans to produce hybrid Jolion locally.

Better Pricing and Improved Features

One might presume that the locally assembled Haval variant will have comparatively fewer features and options than the CBU unit but the automaker is surprisingly not eliminating any of them. In fact, the CKD version of H6 will get more features than its CBU version.

The 2.0L turbo model of the locally assembled Haval H6 CKD will be equipped with extra features, including a Head-Up Display (HUD), seat ventilation, ambient lighting, auto-reverse, and automatic parking.

Pakistan already has the fully-loaded latest generation Haval Jolion and the existing Jolion variant will soon be available in the market as a CKD unit with the same options as the CBU variant.

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