Here are Extra Features, New Prices of Toyota Fortuner & Revo

Toyota Fortuner & Revo Prices

Toyota Pakistan has introduced new features in Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Hilux Revo. In result of these features, the company has also revised the prices of these cars. According to notification by the company, the new prices and features will be applicable from February 1st, 2022 onwards. 

Furthermore, the people with this delivery time will also have to pay the price difference.

Extra Features in Toyota Fortuner 

As per the notification, there are new features in these variants of Fortuner:

  • Fortuner 4×4 (S4)
  • Fortuner 4×4 Hi (V)
  • Fortuner 4×2 Lo (G)

Fortuner 4×4 (S4) 

The new features are:

  • The car will come with Clearance Sonar (Front and Rear Parking Sensor), meaning the driver can park the car very easily, even in tight spaces.
  • It will have Dual Zone AC, meaning Driver and Passenger have separate Climate Control, meaning more convenience for both.

Fortuner 4×4 Hi (V)

And the new options in this vehicle are:

  • Just like previous variant, it will also have Clearance Sonar (Front and Parking Sensors), making the parking process easier.
  • And this one will also have Dual Zone AC as both Driver and Passenger can set the temperature as per their choice.
  • It will also come with 4×4 Diff Lock, means the tyres of your vehicle will not waste the energy as it will shift the torque to the tyre on the road.

Fortuner 4×2 Lo (G)

This variant will have only one extra feature which is:

  • Dual Zone AC, means Driver and Passenger have separate Climate Control.


Now, lets discuss the extra features in Toyota Hilux Revo. Two variants of this vehicle, Revo V AT and IMV III STD will come with new options.

Revo V AT

The brief description of these new features is:

  • It will now come with Clearance Sonar, meaning it will also have Front and Rear Parking Sensors.
  • The second feature is also same as this one will also have Dual Zone Climate Control.


This vehicle will come with two new options:

  • The company is offering Front Sliding Seat in it, meaning your Drive and Passenger Seats will slide from the base, making the seating posture more relaxed and comfortable.
  • Secondly, it will now come with Central Console, which will make the driving more comfortable.

Revised Prices of Fortuner & Revo

With these new features, the company has increased the prices up to Rs100,000. And here are the revised prices of these cars.

Toyota Fortuner prices

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