Here Are New Sedans You Can Buy Under Rs. 3.5 Million in Pakistan

Car manufacturers in Pakistan have been increasing car prices for a while now, and the matter has become a common topic for public discussion.Advertisement

The industry attributes the surge in prices to a higher cost of car production, which has led buyers to revise their choices depending on their budget and the new prices.

Here are some of the reasons for the recent price hikes:

  • Higher Freight Charges
  • Depreciation of the Pakistani Rupee
  • Global Scarcity of Microchips
  • Car Transporter Strike

Cars You Can Buy Under Rs. 3.5 Million

After the wave of price hikes, here are some B-Category sedans that can be bought for under Rs. 3.5 million:

Toyota Corolla

Toyota is primarily known for its durability and quality products. Its vehicles are built to last, and this is one of the main reasons why Toyota is car buyers’ top choice. The reliability of Toyota’s vehicles is unmatchable and adds to the popularity of its vehicles. Corolla needs no introduction as it is the top priority for many car buyers despite its current price tag.

Below are the prices for Corolla Altis variants under 3.5 million:

Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris is another masterpiece from the Japanese automaker with a significantly less price, although it is not as spacious or roomy as Corolla, it somehow falls into this segment. Toyota Yaris has been sold widely and accepted with all its quirks in the local market as it carries the brand name of Toyota.Advertisement

These are the prices for the available variants of the Toyota Yaris:

Honda City

Honda City has managed to remain one of the most popular sedans in Pakistan and has a great market value. It is a common sight on the roads, and its smooth drive and economical fuel average have contributed to its success in the local market.

This car also has a great resale value. Before Honda Grace’s twin (the fourth generation launch), the previous model earned great success and had ruled the Pakistani market for more than a decade.

Here are the prices of all the variants of the Honda City:

Changan Alsvin

Changan’s offering of a sunroof in its top variant along with a 1.5-liter engine has stunned everyone. No other vehicle is available in the local market that comes with this price tag and offers a sunroof. Changan’s other variants are also big rivals to the existing local sedans.

Here are the prices for all the Changan Alsvin variants:

Proton Saga

The Saga is an exceptional value-for-money vehicle. It is known as Malaysia’s most affordable car and is finally available in Pakistan. The Saga is a family sedan, and the prices of its base variants are close to those of the Suzuki Wagon R (top variant) and the Cultus VXL.Advertisement

Given below are the prices of the Proton Saga’s variants available in Pakistan’s market:

Proton Saga Ace and Changan Alsvin DCT seem the best options if one seeks to save a little extra and expects more in the minimum budget. These vehicles are clearly value to money vehicles.

Pakistan might take some time to fully trust these new auto companies as they are unaware of how these vehicles will perform in the long term. Nonetheless, there are clear signs that the local automotive industry is progressing and welcoming international auto manufacturers to introduce the best of their vehicles here.

The continuous entry of new vehicles is making a huge and undeniable impact on the auto market and local buyers as the options for buying vehicles aren’t limited anymore.

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