Here Are Some Important Vehicle Maintenance Tools You Should Have at Hand

Drivers are often stranded on roadsides because of vehicular problems and because they either lack the skills or the tools to deal with them. they talked to a mechanic to find out the tools that he keeps in his vehicle to fix various issues and asked for his advice to motorists

Here are the tools to have at hand when you’re out on the road:

Tyre Pressure Gauge


It is important for the driver to check the tire pressure as low or high pressures will reduce the car’s average. A tire pressure gauge is a good tool to have in your toolkit as it comes in handy when a driver is in the countryside and is far away from a tire shop.

Wheel Jack and Lug Wrench

Tire technology is evolving, and companies like Michelin are developing puncture-proof tires. Until these advancements reach Pakistan, drivers will have to manually replace punctured tires, for which they require a wheel jack and a lug wrench.

Screw Drivers

Another item that drivers must have is screwdrivers to tighten a hose or to replace a light bulb in the headlights or tail lamps. It is a good idea for drivers to purchase a set of flathead and Philips screwdrivers for their toolkits. 



Having a set of pliers in the vehicle’s toolkit is just as important as the screwdrivers. Pliers are helpful in clamping a hose or uncovering an electrical wire.

Lack of space or money can be compensated with combination pliers and long nose pliers that are used more often than curved jaw locking and diagonal pliers.



Although wrenches are used in heavy work, a driver would do well to have an adjustable or crescent wrench in the vehicle’s toolkit. A wrench can be used to tighten a bolt and hold a nut. Another benefit of keeping an adjustable wrench is that it reduces the cost and space of keep a set of wrenches.

Work Lamp


Work lamps are used to illuminate a workspace, especially if one is working under the hood or is changing a tire in the dark or dim place A good option is a cordless lamp or one that can connect directly to the vehicle’s battery.

Jumper Cables


A vehicle failing to start due to the loss of power is a common malfunction. This loss of power can be due to an old or a faulty battery, or if the driver forgot to turn off the headlights.

To resolve the issue, the driver has to jump-start the vehicle by connecting the dead battery to a battery with a good charge, which requires a set of jumper cables.


A funnel is needed while changing a vehicle’s engine oil, brake oil, or transmission fluid easily and without spills. Plastic funnels are a cheaper option.

Miscellaneous Items

It is also a good idea to have a towing cable, zip ties, a portable fire extinguisher, electrical tape, the owner’s manual, and the vehicle service book on hand as well. They can help the driver fix a number of issues like a dead battery, a flat tire, or a loose clamp on the spot.

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