Here Are The Most Reliable Car Companies in The World

Reliability is one of the most important aspects of a car buying decision. Car companies that boast superior reliability, are often most successful, especially in a market such as Pakistan.

A case in point is the popularity of Japanese and Korean automakers in Pakistan. Many companies have come and gone in Pakistan over the years, but only three have stayed in the market for over three decades.

Their success is due to their reliability, which allows for ease of ownership, strong resale value, and customer loyalty. That is why a vast majority of car buyers in Pakistan are still buying cars from Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki.

The Study

These automakers have proved their reliability in the J.D. Power U.S. vehicle dependability study 2021 as well. This study focuses on the quality of each car, and through that, assesses the overall quality control prowess of each car company.

As per the J.D. power data, Kia is the most reliable carmaker, with just 97 problems per 100 units. Toyota came in second among the Pakistani carmakers, with 98 problems per 100 units. Hyundai came in at 3rd with 101 problems per 100 vehicles, while Honda came in last with 145 problems per 100 units.

The overall ranking is as follows:

Current Market Trend

Kia quickly became popular in Pakistan immediately thanks to its compact crossover SUV — Sportage. The SUV’s success is due to its practicality, strong quality, and value proposition.

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