Here are the Price and Booking Details for MG HS Plugin Hybrid

Morris Garages (MG) Pakistan announced on weekend via its Facebook page that the new HS Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) had been put up for display at one of the company’s dealerships in Lahore.

Recent reports suggest that MG is also taking the bookings for the HS PHEV. It seems, however, that the HS PHEV is targeted towards high-end car buyers, as the update from suggests that the vehicle is priced at Rs. 7.89 million, while the booking amount for the vehicle is Rs. 2.5 million.

The report adds that only a limited number of CBUs are currently available for booking and that the vehicles booked from the current batch will be delivered to the customers by December of 2021.

The launch of the MG HS PHEV has been a surprise in more ways than one, as no significant launch activity was announced by the automaker. The other surprise is the price of the vehicle, which makes it the most expensive compact crossover SUV in Pakistan yet.

MG has developed a strong following, gaining a large number of loyal customers over a short period of time. However, with such a hefty price tag, it would be interesting to see how much crowd the vehicle draws towards itself.

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