Honda and Sony Announce Plan to Start New EV Brand Together

The automaker and the tech giant intend to get their new company started in 2022. They could jointly develop and sell new electric vehicles as early as 2022.japan automobile business sony honda climate

Honda and Sony announced today that they plan to form a new company to build and sell electric vehicles.
The two brands intend to create the new company this year and sell the first EV model by 2025.
Honda will provide manufacturing facilities and Sony will provide its tech-focused expertise.
What happens when an automaker like Honda teams up with a tech company like Sony to create a new brand of electric vehicles? The world could find out in the not-so-distant future as the two industry giants announced today that they will work together to jointly develop and sell new electric vehicles

While Honda and Sony are still in the process of negotiating the details of such a partnership, they said in a joint statement that the goal is to create the new company within the year. The ambitious plan is also said to include selling the newly formed brand’s first EV model by 2025, with further plans to commercialize and provide mobility services.

japan automobile business sony honda climate

The new company has yet to be named­–Sonda or Hony mashups immediately come to mind–but the business plan is for it to handle the design, development, planning, and sales aspects. However, Honda will be charged with manufacturing the vehicles using its facilities. Sony is said to be responsible for building the platform for the mobility service.

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