Honda Announces a New Installment Plan for Bikes

Atlas Honda has partnered with Silk Bank to launch a 24-month-long installment plan for its bikes. The top motorcycle manufacturer seeks to further bolster the soaring demand for its bikes.

According to a report, Silk Bank credit cardholders can purchase a Honda bike at zero percent mark-up and pay off the complete amount in two years. The offer is available on all bikes, but not for all bank customers.

Atlas Honda is now competing with Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) for the best installment plan for bikes in Pakistan. Although PSMC’s program is still better as it does not involve a specific bank and is open to all customers, the demand for PSMC’s bikes is significantly lower than Honda’s due to its massive prices.

The rising inflation and price increases have affected the purchasing power of most people. Due to this, experts speculate that the bike demand will continue to rise despite the expected increase in prices, as most people will opt to buy bikes instead of cars to avoid a massive dent in their wallets.

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