Honda Atlas Tests 11th Gen Civic With a Hefty Price Tag on the Cards

Honda Atlas is in the middle of testing the new Honda Civic 11th generation that was imported a few months ago. The car is expected to be launched in mid-2022, and images of a camouflaged test unit have also surfaced on the internet in recent days.

The company had previously let the Pakistani B-segment consumers down by introducing the 4th generation of Honda City after dragging the previous shape for more than a decade. For now, it might manage to cheer C-segment buyers up after replacing the current Civic with the latest 11th generation after six years.
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Considering the widening economic inequality and thick profit margin, car manufacturers find it advantageous to introduce premium vehicles for consumers with big budgets instead of increasing the production of economical cars to target the majority of the population.
The 10th generation Honda Civic Turbo RS is currently on sale and costs more than half a million rupees. Therefore, the newer model could be expected with a much higher price tag.

The test unit of the Honda Civic 11th generation with the AFY-112 registration plate that was spotted on the road was imported at a price of Rs. 6,490,000 according to the registration details. Although this might not be the exact price for the locally manufactured car, it hints at the price category it will fall in.

The expected price for the upcoming model could be close to at least Rs. 5,500,000 for a locally assembled CKD unit but it can be compromised if the car lacks equipment and specifications as compared to international models.

The Honda Civic 11th generation was debuted globally in April 2021 with a redesigned interior and exterior, upgraded engine and chassis, and advanced safety features. It has already reached right-hand drive (RHD) Asian markets, including Thailand and Indonesia, from where Honda sources its components for production.

It is expected that Pakistan will be one of the few RHD markets in the Asian region to receive the latest Civic within 15 months of its global launch.

The company has been blamed for launching the globally retired Honda City that seems to be losing against the other B-Segment rivals in the market and the existing model of the Civic which is struggling to compete with the crossovers offered close to its price but with better specifications.
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Keeping in view its price tag that is near Rs. 6 million, it is obviously not a budget-friendly vehicle and does not seem to bring any relief to the budget segment consumers. However, the Civic has always appealed to a niche of executive car buyers and numerous Civic enthusiasts are still going to grab one regardless of its price ta
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