How American is the Rinco Aria EV?

new low-budget hatchback was added to the car buying options in our market recently with the name of Rinco Aria, a small electric vehicle which has been introduced by a company called Nayyar Motors. The car is priced at Rs 24.0 lac and can be booked against a sum of Rs 12.0 lac.

The company calls it an American product, they say it has been “designed and engineered” in the United States and was manufactured in China. However in reality, the car is among the endless number of generic EVs originating from China and are available for sale on


Made and sold by Shanxi Huayu Technology Development Company Ltd from Shanxi, China which was formed in year 2012, the company has a capacity to produce 5,000 units per month including a number of other EVs in addition to what we see here in the name of Rinco Aria. You can order it too, and will get a discounted price depending on how large your order is. And for an order of minimum 50 units you will get a customized logo too, probably the reason why the Rinco Aria adorns a different logo than the one shown on the sample unit at Alibaba website. The company also offers some minor graphic customization to the product.

Rinco alibaba

About the car, the quality inside & out looks decent, not because its an American product but perhaps due to the fact that Chinese vehicle making standards have been improved over these years. Even something as generic as the Rinco Aria coming out from a small scale automaker looks much better in terms of how the product has been put together compared to what we saw in case of United Bravo, which was a product of another small scale Chinese automaker called Dahe launched almost 4 years ago.

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