How is Sonata Selling More Than Elantra?

Hyundai Sonata

As the year is coming to an end, car sales are dropping dead. That’s understandable because people are waiting for the new year to buy new cars with the model year 2022. But we have noticed something strange about the sales numbers for November. People are buying more expensive cars than affordable ones. And we can’t understand why.

Hyundai Sonata vs Elantra

For the second time in a long time, Hyundai Sonata has won the best-selling Hyundai car of the month, selling more than Elantra, Tucson, and Porter. Sonata did it once before when it was first launched in July 2021. And the D-segment sedan has done it again in November 2021.

In July, Hyundai sold 163 units of Sonata and 157 units of Elantra. Not much of a difference there.

In November, Hyundai sold 320 units of Sonata and 244 units of Elantra. Now that’s a big difference of 30% more sales for Sonata than Elantra.

Not only Sonata managed to sell more than Elantra, but the car also recorded its highest ever sales since its launch, which is great, but the question is: how is Sonata selling more than ever during the slowest sales time of the year? And the bigger question is: how is Hyundai’s more expensive sedan selling more than the affordable one? How are people buying the more expensive car?

Toyota Corolla vs Yaris

Interestingly enough, the same trend is seen in Toyota car sales, where Corolla is selling more than Yaris. For the second time in a row, Corolla has outsold Yaris and become the best-seller Toyota car of the month.

In October, Toyota sold 3,341 units of Corolla and 2,037 units of Yaris.

In November, Toyota sold 2,786 units of Corolla and 1,975 units of Yaris.

Again, how is a more expensive sedan selling more than its affordable sibling? How are people buying more expensive cars, that too, by the end of the year? Someone needs to explain.

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