How Much Will This Yugo GVC Cabrio With 370 Miles Bring At Auction?

The Yugo is arguably the most unloved car of all time. That said, somebody has to love the misfits, and a few of us at Motor1.com fall into that category. That’s why this 1990 Yugo GVC Cabrio caught our attention, because you don’t exactly see these cars every day in normal hatchback format, never mind the convertible.

We caught it just in time, too. This particular car is slated to cross the block at Barrett-Jackson’s 2021 Houston auction, scheduled to run from September 16 through September 18. Yes, that’s right now as this article posts on September 17, so if you happen to be a Yugo fan and are looking for a primo example, better jump to Barrett-Jackson’s website and register to bid.

And this does indeed look like a pristine example of the much-maligned 1980s econobox. It should, as only 370 miles are showing on the odometer. It’s hard to imagine anyone buying a Yugo with the idea of storing it as a future collector car, but if any version would garner such attention, this could be it. Only 6,359 Yugos were built for 1990, and while we don’t have a breakdown of convertibles, it’s safe to assume they were just a fraction of that production. 1990 also saw the introduction of the larger 1.3-liter overhead cam four-cylinder engine and five-speed manual transmission, which this car has.

1990 was also the beginning of the end for the Yugo in America. Sales had fallen after a peak of nearly 49,000 in 1987, but 1990 was a significant nail in the coffin. Emissions issues and growing unrest in Yugoslavia would eventually see the Yugo disappear from the US market completely in 1992, never to return. NATO bombing the old factory a few years after that certainly didn’t help.

Though unloved by the masses, today the Yugo does have a small fanbase. Is it enough to elevate the value of this like-new convertible? It will cross the block at no reserve, so it will have a new owner before the weekend it out. And we have seen the used car market go completely crazy this year. Could that craziness spill over to Yugo?

Share your guesses on a final bid price below. We’ll drop an update once the auction is over, see how high the price actually goes.

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